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Born and raised in Tabanan, Bali, I Nyoman Sudiasa, the founder of Three Brothers Infused Arak, has worked his way up, after graduating from SMK Sarasuwati Tabanan in 1999, from 4-star to 5-star hotels on the island, before getting int’l experience in Dubai and in the Seychelles for more than 5 years. After mastering his F&B skills abroad, he joined the famous Bayan Tree Resort in Uluwatu becoming one of the youngest restaurant managers of the group. Passionate for wine and spirits, Sudi joined a Bali beverages distributor to fine-tune his knowledge and interest.

With the pandemic situation, like many, he lost his position. He then decided to produce some infused arak, from scratch. With one of his friends from Karangasem, a former mixologist, they distill their own arak, from coconut sap, controlling from A to Z the quality of the eau-de-vie.

The name of the brand, Three Brothers, is a tribute to Sudi’s 3 sons.

Sudi has developed
Three Brothers Bali more than 8 different flavors,
from several local products such as passion fruit, rosella, and some
more remarkable concoction like the cold-brew Kintamani coffee or spiced rum aroma.

WA: +62818233744

Mo - Sun | Order before 11 am for delivery on the same day
Free delivery within 5 km for a min. purchase of 3 bottles


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