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Gomak Food is a family business created by two cousins from North Sumatra, Sibolga City, Esty and Ance. Both of them went to Hospitality Management School where they graduated with honours. Ance based herself in Bali in 2010 followed 2 years later by Esty. Their experience from family restaurant to 5-stars hotels and their passion for cooking help them created Gomak Food. They launched a range of product, using mainly Ikan Teri Medan, imported directly from a local fisherman. Be it Ikan Teri Balado, Ikan Teri Crispy or Ikan Teri Sambal, all use natural ingredients.

“We are delighted to have met the team of Sendok Kreatif! All of them have been of great help, being for cooking advice, packaging recommendation and so on, but most of all, the kitchen equipment donation give us the chance to produce more and in better conditions” said Esty & Ance. - Since April 2021, Gomak Food is also available in Jakarta.

Specialized in Ikan Teri Medan (fried sun-dried anchovies),
prepared in various ways, from snack to sambal, it perfectly
accompanies your lunch & dinner with a deep & rich fish flavour.

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WA Bali: +62 85270037837
WA Jakarta:

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Ikan Teri Medan Balado

Gomak Food

Sambal Ikan Teri

Sendok Kreatif Input:

  • Cost Calculation
  • Social Media Branding - Logo
  • Social Media Set-Up
  • Logo Stickers (80 pcs)
  • Sendok Kreatif Thank You Name Cards (50 pcs)
  • Product Photography
  • Resource Management
  • Stove + Gas Regulator
  • 2 Cooking Pots
  • 2 Spatulas
  • 20 Glass Jars