It's All About Tea

Meity Indra is born in Jakarta where she studied architecture. Her first project was her own, a small café-restaurant she designed and run with a friend for several years. During those years her interest in tea grew day after day, and she started to study it seriously. She discovered many varieties from Indonesia for her café, becoming an expert in this field.

During her research, she discovered chai tea from India and found out the curative effects of these herbal blends. She then studied for a few years and started to develop some mixes “remedies”.

Damanak Tea offers a range of chai tea mixture with many health impacts. Be it the Oorja, a great energy booster, and anti-flu cure, or the Taaza, helping smokers with bad breath and facilitate tar removal. Damanak Tea proposes, for now, 4 specific chai tea blends and works on some more formulas to be released soon.

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Chai Tea

Damanak Tea

Chai Tea

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