Authentic Indonesian Sambal

Sri Wahyuni aka Yuni is born in 1984 in Jember (East Java) where studied accounting, before moving to hospitality in 2003 in Bali. After a few years of experience, she became villa manager for a main property management company on the island. Her passion for cooking started at young age, beside her mum who taught her many of the secrets of Indonesian cooking.

After pleasing her friends, for many years, with her cooking approach and skills, and since to the pandemic made her jobless, she decided to start her own home cooking venture with her exquisite sambals. So far, she has developed 8 different chili pastes, ranging from tereasi original (shrimp paste) to teri medan pete (salted baby anchovies and bean).

Alll of her sambals are preserved and in a glass jar, as Yuni is really concern about the environment.

Based in Denpasar, she can deliver through any well-known delivery services and all over Indonesia if necessary. If you feel homesick or craving your childhood spiciness, Biji Pedas offers sambal speciality from many part of the archipelago.

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Biji Pedas
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Sambal Ijo

Authentic Indonesian Sambal

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