Sweet Crafted Apple Delicacies

Native of Bandung, West java, Catherine Muljadi has study 3 years in Switzerland at the International Management Institute where she obtained her BA in hotel management. After a few years in 5-star hotels acquiring experience, she moved to Bali as an operational manager and based herself on the island since.

Fervent about baking and adoring apple, she created Apple & Co to share “The joy of eating Apple” in many different ways. Starting with Apple Crumble, she is also developing anew product around this much-appreciated fruit.

“ I’m so happy to be a hero of Sendok Kreatif, as it helps me broaden my network and they were of a great help to fine-tuned my recipes and my brand identity” said Catherine.

Apple Crumble

Apple & Co, as it's name stand, is all about apples!
Homemade apple crumbles,
crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.
ORDER now for your daily munchie crumble-rumble!


Apple Crumble

Pre-Order 1 Day
Monday - Friday
Delivery every Saturdays GoSend

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