Urutan Babi (Traditional Balinese Pork Sausage)

Born and raised in Denpasar, Bali, Komang Aditya Raharja was introduced to the hospitality industry 7 years ago, after graduating from Bali best tourism school, Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata. After many years working in restaurants, his passion for cooking grew immensely, so he decided to start his own culinary micro-business, Tencup’s Babi. With a family recipe taught by his grandpa since an early age, he’s offering a traditional sausage made of homemade Balinese spice (bumbu Bali) and premium pork cut, the infamous Urutan Babi.

Tencup's Babi

Pamper your appetite this homemade traditional
Balinese pork sausage, rich in flavour, guaranteed to make you craving for more!

Prepared in 1kg piece, perfect for a family of 4-5,
or should you prefer,
portioned into 200gr or 250gr per piece.
Order it, raw or already grilled, for a succulent time!
(minimum order 1kg)


Tencup's Babi

Pre-Order 1 Day
Monday - Saturday
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