American Style Cookies, Granola, Jam, Savoury Delicacies

All our volunteers bring expertise from their field, the passion to help and sharing. Chef Wayan Kresna is one of the first to have positively replied to us when our movement was just a dream project. His involvement his very precious to us and our heroes. Helping them to fine-tune their recipes, advising them with cooking methods to prepare their products at home and to bring taste and presentation to costumer’s satisfaction, this is what the Nusa Penida native brings to our heroes through our movement.

More than ever, Chef Wayan’s determination to help his local community by sourcing all needed ingredients from the island is at its peak. For Sendok Kreatif, having him as a volunteer to help our community for a better future, is priceless.

Chef Wayan is even more than a volunteer, he’s also a Sendok Kreatif hero, as he launched @nyuhbychefwayan, a product line of delicious American Style Cookies, Granola, Jam, and savoury delicacies made with love and in respect of the environment. His contribution never ends as he's redistributing to our fund part of his proceeds. Suksuma Chef Wayan!

Oatmeal Date Cookies

Nyuh by Chef Wayan
offers plenty of yummy products,
from American cookies to jam,
black garlic to succulent tomato sauce,
with a savoir-faire in every bite.

Belgium Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pre-Order 1 Day before 4pm
Monday - Friday
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