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Bali-born Niluh Ariani is from Buleleng regency. Coming from a hospitality family, with her father being a cook in hotel and her mum owning a warung in Dalung, Arie has shown interest in cooking since her youngest age, encouraged by her parents, who gently show her many cooking tricks from Indonesian to western cuisine.

After graduating from SMK Harapan hotel vocational school in Denpasar she pursues her education at STIE Hospitality University where she graduated with a degree in Hotel Management after 1-year internship in the Netherlands.

Due to her experience abroad and her eagerness to learn, she quickly climbed the ladder, acquiring more and more responsibilities, moving faster than many for management positions. In between jobs, Arie always found time to pursue her passion for cooking, learning more about global cuisine with the many chefs who crossed her professional life.

Being hit, like many, by the pandemic, and losing her job, she decided to start her own business, Kini Bali, with what she masters best, Indonesian cuisine. Offering one of the best NASI BAKAR, according to many (be it with chicken, fish or tempe (fermented soya)), these slow-cooked, wrapped in banana leaf then grilled Indo favorite, is as addictive as Arie’s smile.

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